Creating a MOSS VPC Image: The whole 9 yards

Awesome link from Tony Zink’s blog:

This 20 post series (yup! 20 posts! how amazing is this!) covers:

Part 1: Getting Started, Installing IIS, and Installing .NET Framework 2.0

Part 2: Installing and Configuring POP3 Email

Part 3: Installing and Configuring Outlook 2007

Part 4: Installing and Configuring the .NET Framework

Part 5: Installing SQL Server 2005

Part 6: Configuring SQL Server 2005

Part 7: Installing SQL Server 2005 SP1

Part 8: Creating the MOSS Accounts

Part 9: Installing and Configuring the MOSS 2007 Application

Part 10: Setting Up Internet Explorer Web Browser Security

Part 11: Starting Services

Part 12: Creating a Shared Services Provider

Part 13: Configuring Search Settings

Part 14: Configuring Outgoing E-mail

Part 15: Creating the Portal

Part 16: Installing SharePoint Designer 2007

Part 17: Installing Office 2007 Applications

Part 18: Installing Warm-up Scripts

Part 19: Optimizing the MOSS 2007 VPC Image

Part 20: Creating a Virtual PC Differencing Disk

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