Thank you to DevTeach/VANTUG attendees!

Thank you to everyone who attended my and Yaroslav’s presentations! We hope you have found the presentations useful.

Our VANTUG presentation was:
Thursday, November 22 @ 6:30 PM – Sharepoint 2007 Integration (with overwhelming attendance, thank you so much)

Our DevTeach presentations were:
Tuesday, November 27 @ 11:00 – Vista Gadgets
Wednesday, November 28 @ 9:30 – Sharepoint 2007 Integration

One clarification: One attendee asked if BDC is available on MOSS Standard version. I would like to correct my answer: BDC is a MOSS Enterprise only feature for this version. I don’t know if MS will ever offer BDC as a standalone plugin or tool, but I will follow up on this.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have additional questions or clarifications. Yaroslav and I will put up another entry which will address some of the questions we had in all 3 presentations.

For those in the Gadget presentation, Yaro has put a couple new entries addressing some of the questions that were raised. Yaro-Land (or Yaro’s blog) is at

Can’t believe Yaro beat me to posting the picture in his blog:

Here’s a collage of the few pictures we took 🙂

Donabel Santos, Yaroslav Pentsarskyy before Sharepoint session in DevTeach 2007


Here’s my DevTeach bag! (Just wanted to share)
Belle's DevTeach 2007 Bag

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