Victoria Code Camp Stuff Coming Really Soon!

The Victoria Code Camp last weekend had been awesome! The location was great, and the attendees were awesome. They were all attentive and curious, and they even laughed at some of my jokes 😉

I have been really sick the past couple of days, but I will be posting the materials/slides and demo code soon. I plan to have it up by tomorrow!

And please feel free to keep the questions coming in 🙂 It makes my work a lot more interesting!


  • Hi Donabel,I was one of the attendees at your sessions! You did an awesome job at showing us how to get started in Sharepoint development, which comes in very handy as 3 of us at your presentations are starting on Sharepoint Development project this week!!Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge, it is much appreciated. I’m positive your examples and sample code will be well used!Tammie O’Rourke


  • Thanks for the comment Tammie! I apologize for the delay in posting the code, it has been a tough week. They’re up now (finally), I hope it helps your projects 🙂


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