Looking for another Ninja (that is Ninja talk for looking for a good developer)

Black Ninja Software is looking for another Ninja to join the team.

Shereen has posted the “requirements” – and that really sums up to a few words.

Passion and love for what you’re doing.

We do a lot of SharePoint/SQL Server/ASP.NET, but we’re not necessarily looking for the technical skills. Don’t get me wrong, that is very important. You have to be technically adept. However, we also recognize that the technical skill by itself is a hollow measure of what makes a good addition to the team. The passion and the love for what you’re doing will transform into l33t technical skills, just give it some time.

I used to be a PHP/Perl/bash shell/a-little-bit-of-Python developer. When I first applied to a Microsoft-centric company, I had no qualms saying I didn’t code in C# nor ASP.NET, but that I loved learning, and that I loved to program and to do databases. And that wasn’t lip service. As you get more experience, you also realize that although you’d love to learn all cool languages, you pick a few favorite ones and that’s what you master. I still love programming in PHP, but my passions right now are SQL Server (top spot, no question, no competition), SharePoint and C#/ASP.NET. Throw in a whole lotta CSS and a handful of design/creative work 🙂

trephine commented on the Black Ninja blog (excerpt):

100% agree on the list of positive and negative indicators. When I had an opportunity to interview potential engineers, the one question I got the most out of was “If you had enough money that you didn’t have to work, what would you do with your days?”

I thought that was a very interesting question. What would you do?
(I posted my comment at the Black Ninja Blog – Looking for another Ninja – check it out and we’d love to hear what you’d do)

Or if you’re interested to become a (cool) Ninja, send us your Ninja-file (contact@blackninjasoftware.com).

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