• Last week I got the idea of making myself a t-shirt falsely quoting a James Bond movie titled ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’.. I thought it would be cool to have a T-shirt saying ‘On Her Majesty’s SQL Service’ .. or else like ‘…SQL Server’ implying having hacked into it:-)

    Still pondering the design though; having a bright white shirt featuring only plain text doesn’t work on me I think.
    Got any ideas to help us out here? A SQL Server logo must be displayed somewhere on the shirt (..love the new SQL Server web site design;-)) and besides the logo I’m doubtful if anyone would see the connection if I printed a picture of our Queen (I’m from Holland btw) or of George Lazenby challenging some evil opponent since Lazenby is the least known Bond actor.. Anyway, I can keep on typing but I’ll give the next geek a try:)

    Cheers, Jos

    Last week, while checking out some sales in a local record store I saw


  • ..Erm.. The last line should have been preceded by ‘–‘; had some trouble formulating.. Not a language issue, just a bug


  • SQL…es kewl.

    I know but it’s so there you have to at least suggest it


  • select ‘COOL’
    from dual


  • SQL2 the Sequal




  • Place HEART after I & b4 SQL


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