@msshushu’s and @sqlbelle’s take on “Why BCIT”?

Shereen (blog | @msshushu) and I are going to participate tonight at BCIT’s Info Session for the School of Computing.

Shereen and I are both true blue BCIT alumni. We both have our CST Diplomas from BCIT, and both pursued our degrees at BCIT.

There are a lot of reasons why we went to BCIT, and why going to BCIT worked for us.
Here’s our take on “Why BCIT?”


One comment

  • and one more reason, BCIT provides latest computer technology and the part-time courses of BCIT are updated.

    if my friends are going to take a advance courses, i would recommend them to consider BCIT courses. I am going to take the BCIT courses for just advance taking. if there are new courses that i am interested at bcit, i would like to take them.

    sorry, Ms. Donabel, my email address that i am providing is for spamming. if you want to reply an email, use forward.


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