Tableau Certified Professionals getting some love at #TC14

Before the day even started, I was greeted with an email that starts with:

Welcome to the Tableau Conference, we are thrilled to have you.  You are part of an elite bunch!  Of the 5200 customers in attendance, you are one of 30 Tableau Certified Professionals.

Needless to say, I already felt awesome even before the conference kicked off. Here’s what was waiting for us.

A wall in the data lounge listing the 30 Tableau Certified Professionals who are attending the conference:

Tableau Certified Professionals - Wall

A handwritten card (which I very much appreciate), a pin, and a box of chocolates:

Tableau Certified Professionals - Gifts

Tableau Certified Professionals - Card

And a shirt that says Certifiably Tableau:

Tableau Certified Professionals - Shirt

Thank you Tableau! Way to make your certified professionals feel special!

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