Looking for someone to jumpstart your visual analytics project or prototype?

Looking for someone to jumpstart your visual analytics project or prototype?

At BCIT, we have been offering a course on Visual Analytics using Tableau to Part Time Studies students. This course is offered three terms:

  • Winter (January to March/April)
  • Spring (April to June/July)
  • Fall (September to December)

Many students who register for Part Time Studies are working professionals who are taking courses to complete additional certificates/diplomas, or for professional development, or just plain curious.

Students enrolled in the COMP 2256 class learn visual best practices, some data analysis, and visualization using Tableau Desktop. Part of this twelve (12) week course is a term project which requires data analysis and visualization around a topic of their choice. They will need to submit a series of dashboards and a final project report at the end of the term.

The project requires the students to either:

  1. look for a sponsor (could be their employer, a non-profit organization, etc) for their visual analytics project, to be presented to their peers at the end of the term

  2. look for a number of sizable public data sets that they’re interested in, and essentially create dashboards that will support their story

I encourage students to, as much as possible, choose #1. This is as “real world” as it gets. However, looking for a sponsor can become tricky and time consuming for already-working professionals, so I am hoping I can help match up my students to your projects.

If you:

  1. are an organization in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area (or anywhere else in Canada but available to correspond with my students virtually) – non-profit organizations are welcome
  2. have a visual analytics project you want to jumpstart
  3. have a data set that my students can work with. Since this will be presented in class, data will need to be sanitized (ie any sensitive and proprietary data should be masked or removed). You can easily swap the data set with the real one once my students hand over their projects
  4. are willing to work with my student throughout the project, and willing to wait until end of term to get the project

… I would love to hear from you. Our courses are currently ongoing, but some students haven’t finalized their project proposals yet. If you have a visual analytics project you want to start, I’d love to know if my students can help. You can send me an email at dsantos at my dot bcit dot ca or leave a comment below.

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