Showing Header for Text Table with Single Measure in Tableau

I had a question from one of my students tonight about how to show the header for text table with a single measure. It’s not super straightforward to do this in Tableau. You can’t simply to go the measure pill and show the header (because it doesn’t have it).

Let’s recreate the default Tableau behavior first, using Superstore Sales.
1. Double click on a dimension, for example, Product Category
2. Double click on a measure, for example, Sales

What you will get is something like this:

default behavior - no header

A quick Google search lands me to the ideas forum from Tableau: . This page contains several threads of ideas on how to accomplish this task.

To summarize, here are a couple options to show the header.

Option 1 – Measure Names and Measure Values

Credit to Tracy Fitzgerald for this solution

1.Use Measure Names in your Columns, and filter by only the single measure.

filter sales

2.Instead of having the measure – SUM(Sales) – in the Text Marks Card, use Measure Values.

option 1 - measure names measure values

Option 2 – Dummy Calculated Field

Credit to Jonathan Drummey (Tableau Zen Master) for this solution

1.Create a calculated field that will contain the header you want to display

dummy field

2.Use the dummy calculated field in your Columns shelf

3.Hide the field label for the column

option 2 - dummy field and hide

One thought on “Showing Header for Text Table with Single Measure in Tableau

  1. yoyomaper January 19, 2016 / 6:11 pm

    Option 1 seems not to work if SUM(Sales) uses Table Calculation (for example, percent of total).


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