sqlbelle’s data adventures (Tableau/SQL Server tutorials on YouTube)

It’s been a while since I blogged (life got busy!), and am quite surprised to see that some of the posts I had are still getting traction. I guess some issues still persist – perhaps in slightly different forms, but the way we solve or tackle them remain the same.

Excited to share many things since I last blogged, but one of the biggest ones happened in the last couple of months. With the pandemic I had to switch to teaching exclusively online, and really re-think how I deliver my classes.

I’ve decided to try a new avenue to teach – YouTube! I’ve started my channel – sqlbelle’s data adventures – and hoping this can provide value and/or inspiration to those trying to learn data and technologies like Tableau and SQL Server. It’s been fun, but definitely requires commitment.

Here are some of my videos to date (YouTube: sqlbelle’s data adventures):

Initial focus has been with Tableau, but definitely want to add a lot of SQL Server (and MySQL) in this library.

If you’re not familiar with Tableau yet, you can start with this video to have a general idea how to create charts! This is just the tip of the iceberg.

This shows quick tutorials on creating charts like bar chart, line chart, area chart, scatter plot, pie chart, maps, text tables, heat map, highlight tables and many others.

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