CASE8: A Closer Look at Data Revolution

Presented at CASE8 Conference – February 15, 2014

In this interactive, open session, take a closer look at everything data. Crucial in the advancement profession, data can help drive better communication and strategies. Take a behind-the-scenes look at data, and explore questions that will lead to a better understanding of data in general: What data is available? What is big data, social media data, open data? Where can we get them? What do they look like? What can we do with it? What do other organizations do with it? How should we manage it?

CASE8: Visual Analytics for Strategic Decision Making

Presented at CASE8 Conference – February 14, 2014

In this information age – and in the recent boom of open data – we have more information at our disposal to help us understand our constituents better. In this session, learn ways to effectively visualize all of this information to help drive strategic decision making. Discuss metrics that you can add to your fundraising metric toolkit, and explore different data sets (i.e. social media data) that may add value and insight for fundraisers.

Thanks to everyone who attended PowerShell PowerHour!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who attended Idera’s PowerShell Power Hour. I’ve had a great time doing the presentation, and I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for all the positive and constructive feedback! 🙂

The webcast is archived by Idera here:

The scripts and slides can be downloaded from my site:

SQLSaturday #114 in Vancouver – PowerShell and ETL with SSIS

SQLSaturday #114 in Vancouver is coming up. It will be held at the BCIT Burnaby Campus – SW buildings. Have you registered yet?

If you haven’t, you can still register! I love SQLSaturdays. I personally enjoy attending them a lot, and wished there were more SQLSaturdays in the Vancouver vicinity so I can attend more. Although if I had the time and money, I’d fly to other SQLSaturdays too (did you know there’s a SQLSaturday in Honolulu, Dublin and Portugal?).

If you’re in the database/SQL Server field, you should have plenty of reasons to attend. There’s lots of awesome stuff to learn, especially since SQL Server 2012 has just launched last March 7, 2012! Plus, this is a free training event. Yup, you read it right, it’s a free awesome event. One day of SQL Server training can cost you a few hundred dollars, but SQLSaturdays are packed with different sessions, and you don’t even have to worry about the dollar cost.

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SQLSaturday#108 Redmond – SSRS Beyond the Basics – Thank you to Attendees!

One more SQLSaturday done 🙂 I love SQLSaturdays, it’s always a fun experience for me. Uhm, ok, maybe let me qualify that. It’s always a nervewracking AND fun experience for me – when I’m speaking. I just always want it to be worth people’s time to attend my presentations.

I think there was a good crowd at my session, and I’m quite happy to see they seemed to have fun too (I hope!) …

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SQLSaturday #108 in Redmond is coming up!

I am both excited and nervous (as usual)! SQLSaturdays are special events for me – especially when I’m presenting!

I will be presenting on SSRS Beyond the Basics (aka SSRS 202). Here’s my abstract:

SQL Server Reporting Services – Beyond the Basics

You’re already familiar with your data sources and datasets, and already comfortable with your basic tables and matrices. Now you want to add a bit more “zing” to your reports.

In this presentation we will look different ways of using and extending Reporting Services. In this session we will work with expressions to add dynamic components to SSRS, create drilldowns and drillthroughs, use custom code to modularize our logic, connect to non-SQL Server data sources, and utilize your geospatial data by plotting them onto SSRS maps.

We’ll include a few more cool stuff you might not have known about SSRS! This presentation will be demo-filled. You’ll be sure to go home with ready-to-use tricks up your sleeve.

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SQLSaturdays 108 (Redmond) and 114 (Vancouver)

I love SQLSaturdays. What’s not to love? They’re free one day training events, and they’re packed with SQL Server fun (I’m a geek, what can I do?) Whether you’re someone who’s just interested to see what SQL Server is, or you’re already working with SQL Server and need more in depth guidance in some aspects, there’s most likely a session for you.

There’s a couple SQLSaturdays coming up if you are in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area.
SQLSaturday#108 in Redmond – February 25, 2012 at Microsoft, Building THE MIXER, 15255 NE 40th Street, North Commons, Redmond, WA 98052 (Check out the schedule)

SQLSaturday#114 in Vancouver – March 17, 2012 at BCIT in the South-West buildings, 3700 Willingdon Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Check out the schedule)

Hope to see you at both events!

VANPASS August 2011 – SSRS Beyond 101

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who attended the August 2011 VANPASS meeting at the Sierra Systems building. And thank you to the August sponsors Sierra Systems and QueryWorks Solutions!

If you need to contact me with questions or comments about the presentation just send me an email at

donabel dot santos at queryworks dot ca

Here is a recap of the presentation:

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VANPASS Presentation and Demo Files on SQL Server and PowerShell

I did a presentation today for VANPASS on PowerShell and SQL Server – thank you to those who attended! It was a great lively crowd 🙂 Thanks to Idera too – for the freebies – and to Black Ninja Software for the pizza and pop!

Here are the files as promised: VANPASS – SQL Server and PowerShell – Donabel Santos

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DevTeach day, dinner, twitter, brag bag – my musings for the day

DevTeach day
– done my presentation on PowerShell! thanks for my awesome crowd 🙂 – they stayed with me from PowerShell ground zero to about 20 feet up. You’ve seen the tool now, go make me proud 🙂
– also attended Shereen’s session. She’s the master of customizing your SharePoint pages!

DevTeach night
– DevTeach speakers dinner at Sala Thai. Fun and lively chat with Scott Stauffer, Peter de Betta, and Ted Neward. Also brief chat with Kevin Kline and his wife while we were at the lounge waiting to go to dinner. Very nice people!

DevTeach tomorrow
– we have the Black Ninja Booth. Come visit us! We always welcome good chats, hi’s and hellos! We also have a few things to give away (shirts, goodies, and Telerik Web Control license!)
– looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions!

– wow this could be very addicting eh? I find myself using my iphone/tweetie more.

Brag Bag
– got nominated for BCIT’s Teaching Excellence Award!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Did I put enough smileys here? Thank you to whoever nominated me, it is a pleasure and privilege and very much appreciated.

That’s it, I’m ready to crash for the night!

Updates : day after
– also fun chats with Don Kiely, Etienne Tremblay, Medhat Elmasry, Brian Pidcock at our Black Ninja booth, and quick chat with Richard Baumet while we were both prepping for our presentations 🙂
– when able to sneak out of the booth, attended Sherman Woo’s session on SharePoint Dev tips and tricks, Peter de Betta’s Choosing the Right Encryption Technologies , Kevin Kline’s End to End SQL Server Troubleshooting, Brad McGehee’s SQLDiag presentation; I wish I could have see more presentations!