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VANPASS August 2011 – SSRS Beyond 101

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who attended the August 2011 VANPASS meeting at the Sierra Systems building. And thank you to the August sponsors Sierra Systems and QueryWorks Solutions!

If you need to contact me with questions or comments about the presentation just send me an email at

donabel dot santos at queryworks dot ca

Here is a recap of the presentation:

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VANPASS Presentation and Demo Files on SQL Server and PowerShell

I did a presentation today for VANPASS on PowerShell and SQL Server – thank you to those who attended! It was a great lively crowd 🙂 Thanks to Idera too – for the freebies – and to Black Ninja Software for the pizza and pop!

Here are the files as promised: VANPASS – SQL Server and PowerShell – Donabel Santos

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DevTeach day, dinner, twitter, brag bag – my musings for the day

DevTeach day
– done my presentation on PowerShell! thanks for my awesome crowd 🙂 – they stayed with me from PowerShell ground zero to about 20 feet up. You’ve seen the tool now, go make me proud 🙂
– also attended Shereen’s session. She’s the master of customizing your SharePoint pages!

DevTeach night
– DevTeach speakers dinner at Sala Thai. Fun and lively chat with Scott Stauffer, Peter de Betta, and Ted Neward. Also brief chat with Kevin Kline and his wife while we were at the lounge waiting to go to dinner. Very nice people!

DevTeach tomorrow
– we have the Black Ninja Booth. Come visit us! We always welcome good chats, hi’s and hellos! We also have a few things to give away (shirts, goodies, and Telerik Web Control license!)
– looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions!

– wow this could be very addicting eh? I find myself using my iphone/tweetie more.

Brag Bag
– got nominated for BCIT’s Teaching Excellence Award!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Did I put enough smileys here? Thank you to whoever nominated me, it is a pleasure and privilege and very much appreciated.

That’s it, I’m ready to crash for the night!

Updates : day after
– also fun chats with Don Kiely, Etienne Tremblay, Medhat Elmasry, Brian Pidcock at our Black Ninja booth, and quick chat with Richard Baumet while we were both prepping for our presentations 🙂
– when able to sneak out of the booth, attended Sherman Woo’s session on SharePoint Dev tips and tricks, Peter de Betta’s Choosing the Right Encryption Technologies , Kevin Kline’s End to End SQL Server Troubleshooting, Brad McGehee’s SQLDiag presentation; I wish I could have see more presentations!

Victoria Code Camp Materials

Sorry I have been sick and out of commission for a week. The past few days, I’ve been drinking the meds the doctor gave me, which just really knocks me right out.

I apologize for the delay, but here are the materials, finally.

SharePoint 101

SharePoint 101 – Slides

SharePoint Web Parts

SharePoint Web Parts 101 – Slides

SharePoint Web Part Sample Projects:

1. Hello World Web Part

2. Simple Web Part with Custom Properties and Verbs

3. Connectable Web Parts

Enjoy! I’ll start blogging more again, as soon as I’m 100% better 🙂

Victoria Code Camp, January 26, 2008

I’m doing a couple of sessions at the Victoria Code Camp on January 26, 2008! Thank you to Nolan Zak for giving me this opportunity.

These are my two sessions:

SharePoint 101
This session will provide a high level overview of Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS 2007). This session will also cover demos of out-of-the-box Sharepoint components like: sites, lists, document libraries, and web parts.

SharePoint Web Parts
This session will cover Web Part concepts, and will walk you through creating custom ASP.NET Web Parts for SharePoint (MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0). Features will also be introduced towards the end of the session.

Schedule is posted at
The list of speakers can be found at

Just posting the schedule here as well for your reference:

Morning Schedule
Victoria Code Camp 2008 - AM Schedule

Afternoon Schedule

Victoria Code Camp 2008 - Afternoon Schedule

As usual, I will be posting the materials I will use at the presentations. Hope to see you there! Beautiful Victoria, here I come!

Thank you to DevTeach/VANTUG attendees!

Thank you to everyone who attended my and Yaroslav’s presentations! We hope you have found the presentations useful.

Our VANTUG presentation was:
Thursday, November 22 @ 6:30 PM – Sharepoint 2007 Integration (with overwhelming attendance, thank you so much)

Our DevTeach presentations were:
Tuesday, November 27 @ 11:00 – Vista Gadgets
Wednesday, November 28 @ 9:30 – Sharepoint 2007 Integration

One clarification: One attendee asked if BDC is available on MOSS Standard version. I would like to correct my answer: BDC is a MOSS Enterprise only feature for this version. I don’t know if MS will ever offer BDC as a standalone plugin or tool, but I will follow up on this.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have additional questions or clarifications. Yaroslav and I will put up another entry which will address some of the questions we had in all 3 presentations.

For those in the Gadget presentation, Yaro has put a couple new entries addressing some of the questions that were raised. Yaro-Land (or Yaro’s blog) is at

Can’t believe Yaro beat me to posting the picture in his blog:

Here’s a collage of the few pictures we took 🙂

Donabel Santos, Yaroslav Pentsarskyy before Sharepoint session in DevTeach 2007


Here’s my DevTeach bag! (Just wanted to share)
Belle's DevTeach 2007 Bag

DEVTEACH is here in Vancouver!

Yaro and I are speakers for DevTeach 2007! 🙂 DevTeach goes from November 26-30. We hope you can join us in our presentations.

Tuesday, November 27 @ 11:00 – Vista Gadgets
Wednesday, November 28 @ 9:30 – Sharepoint 2007 Integration

Our Sharepoint Integration Presentation Materials can be found in this blog entry:
DEVTEACH/VANTUG 2007 – Sharepoint Integration Presentation Materials

Full schedule can be found here:

And of course, I have to keep the speaker bio screenshot for my scrapbook 🙂

DevTeach 2007 - Donabel Santos and Yaroslav Pentsarskyy

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