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Have You Downloaded the Free MS Press SQL Server 2008 Ebook Yet?

… written by one of our cool DevTeach speakers Peter de Betta?

Yup, it’s a free MS Press Ebook on SQL Server 2008. What else can we SQL Server junkies ask for? (Ok, fine I said that too soon, there’s probably still a fair bit of stuff we want out of SQL Server).

Anyway, this is the link to Peter‘s blog about the book :

This is the excerpt:

To get your free copy, browse to From there, look in the Special Offers section for the “Free e-book offer“. Although the site states you can get excerpts, the whole book is available for reading.


SQL Server XML Red Gate Ebook, XQuery Labs

Jacob Sebastian is a SQL Server XML Guru!

Check out his collection for XQUery Labs. This is the first 12 of his series, and right now he has 43 and counting:

XQuery Sample Scripts

* XQuery Lab 1 – Transforming rows to columns
* XQuery Lab 2 – An example using OUTER APPLY
* XQuery Lab 3 – Filtering specific nodes
* XQuery Lab 4 – Joining XML Nodes with a Relational Table
* XQuery Lab 5 – Working with Namespaces
* XQuery Lab 6 – Processing Header-Detail information
* XQuery Lab 7 – Extracting a comma separated list of values
* XQuery Lab 8 – How to update the attribute value of an XML variable?
* XQuery Lab 9 – How to delete an attribute from an XML variable?
* XQuery Lab 10 – How to insert an attribute to an XML variable
* XQuery Lab 11 – How to insert an element to an XML variable
* XQuery Lab 12 – Different ways of reading values from an XML variable

Jacob Sebastian has also released a free ebook via RedGate – The Art of XSD – SQL Server XML Schema Collections

Check it out, all 483 pages! 🙂

Creating Reports From SharePoint Lists Using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Now that you have collected all your information in your SharePoint lists, your business users will want to see reports off them.

You may want to leverage SQL Server Reporting Services for this (I would! I’d love to use SSRS for all the reports I need to create!), but we know it’s not an easy task.
Your options are:
Read more

BlackNinja Posts: Invoking Javascript and Impersonating Users in SharePoint

I just wrote a couple of SharePoint posts at the Black Ninja Software blog:

How to Programmatically Impersonate Users in SharePoint
– this post shows how you can programmatically execute code in another user’s context, and you can do this by getting a handle to that user’s UserToken

How to Invoke Javascript Snippets Without Using RegisterClientScriptBlock
– this post shows how to invoke and change Javascript code without needing to register that code. This approach uses asp:Literal

And in case you missed this one:
SharePoint Readiness Checklist – Reposted

SQL Server 2005/2008 System Views Map

Excerpt from the Microsoft Site:

The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 System Views Map shows the key system views included in SQL Server 2008, and the relationships between them. The map is similar to the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 version and includes updates for the new and updated the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 features such as resource governor, extended events, full-text search, and others.

You can download the SQL Server 2008 version from:

There is an equivalent one for SQL Server 2005:

SQL Server Scalability etc – Free Ebooks

RealTimePublishers has a whole bunch of free ebooks:


The Definitive Guide to Scaling Out SQL Server 2005
The Definitive Guide to Scaling Out SQL Server 2000
The Essentials Series: Optimizing Database Connection Performance
The Shortcut Guide to SQL Server Infrastructure Optimization

Few other ones that might be of interest:

The Administrator Shortcut Guide to VB Scripting for Windows
The Definitive Guide to Building a Windows Server 2008 Infrastructure
The Definitive Guide to Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services Updated Edition
The Shortcut Guide to Selecting the Right Virtualization Solution
The Shortcut Guide to Virtualization and Service Automation


Soaking in SQLServerPedia

One of the bloggers I follow is Brent Ozar. I tell you I’m a fan. I like the way he writes his stuff.

Anyway, he blogged about The Problem With SQL Server Training Today, and The Answer to SQL Server Training Problems a week or so ago. And this is the answer – SQLServerPedia  – SQL Server Knowledge and Advice Straight from the Experts.

So in between giving out candies to cute little Indiana Joneses, pirates of the Caribbean, vampires and dead cheerleaders, I’ve been soaking in SQLServerPedia (geeky ‘no?). So far, so good. I’ll be a frequent flyer.


PS – and if you’re a DBA, you’ll find great laughs in this post : Somebody Created a Halloween Monster #SQLputdowns

Clustering SQL Server 2005 Videos … and some hacking

Brian Knight has posted a lot of good videos on JumpStartTV, including the following clustering videos:

Read more

White Papers: Backup/Recovery, Performance Tuning

Here are some older Quest White Papers (specific to SQL Server 2000, but general concepts and practices still applicable to SQL Server 2005/2008):



SQL Server Backup Recovery & Troubleshooting. Part 1
SQL Server Backup Recovery & Troubleshooting. Part 2


Performance Tuning

Part 1: Analyzing and Optimizing T-SQL Query Performance on MS SQL Server using SET and DBCC
Part 2: Index Tuning Strategies
Part 3: Query Optimization Strategies
Part 4. Analyzing and Optimizing T-SQL Query Performance on Microsoft SQL Server using SHOWPLAN Output and Analysis

SQL Server 2005 Cheat Sheet

Just came across this SQL Server Developer Fact Sheet made by Xander Zelders of DotNet4All. It’s a handy cheat sheet, with all the common stuff you need as a dev:

  • Data types, common string/system/date and time/math/cursor functions
  • SARGability
  • Concise checklist for creating indexes and fast queries
  • Execution plan icons (aptly color coded – red means no-no!)
  • … even connection strings!

Pretty handy and organized reference. Thanks Xander!

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